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200 MONMOUTH ROAD, ELIZABETH, NJ 07208   +  908-351-4444

It is a great joy for us to welcome new members to our parish community. Please take the time to register at the Rectory office (fill out a Census Card.) Registration is our only means of recognizing anyone as a supporting and practicing member of our parish. It is also important for sponsorship certificates for the sacraments. Please notify the Rectory office of any change of address or phone number.


The communal experience of Mass is continued each week downstairs in the church hall at Café Genevieve. Please come down after the 9 and 10:30 Masses to enjoy coffee, tea or juice and a bagel, roll or pastry with your family, friends, and future friends.

Children of all ages are invited to enjoy games, puzzles, coloring pages, craft projects and other activities during Café Genevieve in Karen’s Corner. These activities and provided after the 10:30 Mass until noon each week, and are supervised. Please join us!
If you (or someone you know) is interested in joining the Catholic Church, or was baptized Catholic but never received Confirmation or First Communion and would like to find out how, please contact Rae through the Rectory at 908-351-4444. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your continuing support in donating food to the pantry. We would not have been as successful in our mission without your generosity. All the toiletry samples are donated to the various Veterans Program. The food is distributed to individual families, St. Anthony’s Food Pantry, and etc. Our mission is to help out our fellow parishioners in their time of need. 

If you are aware of someone in need, please call Pattie (Secretary) at the rectory or speak to one of our priests. We will prepare and pack up boxes for you to pick up through the rectory. We respect your privacy and all requests will be processed through the rectory.

Autumn has arrived, and the nights are getting colder. It is a good time to stock up on firewood for your fireplace or wood burning stove. You can get well-seasoned split hardwood logs right here at St. Gen’s for half of what you pay in the supermarket. And at the same time, you will be supporting the camping program of Boy Scout Troop 23, including a campership fund that helps send financially challenged Scouts to summer camp. Help yourself from
Webby’s Wood Shed, located behind the Rectory near the garages that face Livingston Road. Follow the directions on the envelopes provided to make a donation. Thank you for your support!


Children’s Liturgy first Sunday of the month at 10:30 Mass. Children’s Liturgy of the Word third Sunday of the month 10:30 Mass.

March-for-Life! On Friday, January 19, concerned citizens and people of all faiths will gather in Washington DC for the 45th year and bring a message of Life to the President, Congress and the Supreme Court. The 2018 March-for-Life theme is “Love Saves Lives.” Choosing Life is not always easy, but it is the loving, empowering, and self-sacrificial option.

Nearby churches including Holy Spirit in Union, St. Michael’s in Cranford, and St. John’s in Linden/Clark will be sponsoring buses for those who can attend. Please pray for a safe trip for all and that the love rally may change hearts.

Proudly ProLife? Looking to get involved in Ministry? There is much work to do and our parish prolife ministry needs your help. For more information call or message John & Mary Ann at 908-220-3712 or email

Sunday, January 21 is Sanctity of Life Sunday Not named so by the Catholic Church, but by President Ronald Reagan. Churches of various denominations around the United States, including St. Genevieve’s, continue to recognize the third Sunday in January as Sanctity of Life Sunday. 

Dear Parishioners,

 As you may have heard by now, Fr. Joe has been given permission by Cardinal Joseph Tobin to retire a year early effective February 1, 2018. Fr. Joe requested this because of his aging mother (97 years old) in Vietnam. He would like to be with her during her difficult time.

I would like to express our appreciation to Fr. Joe for his 14 years of priestly service here at St. Genevieve’s. He will be greatly missed by all but especially by Fr. Ronnie & myself in our home, the rectory.

On Sunday, January 28th, Fr. Joe will say the 12 Noon Mass and after Mass in the auditorium we will have a celebration with the opportunity to wish Fr. Joe the best in his retirement.

With the shortage of priests we will not be getting a replacement for Fr. Joe. However, Fr. Ronnie and I will do our best to continue the pastoral service that has been our tradition here at St. Gen’s.

Our Sunday Mass schedule will remain as it is, but effective January 26, 2018 we will be dropping the 12 noon Mass. The reason for this is that it is impossible when we have funerals for the priest to go to the cemetery and be back in time for the noon mass. With just 2 priests, the noon mass presents a real problem. There are 3 parts to Christian Burial. The wake service, the funeral mass, and the cemetery service and Fr. Ronnie and I feel it is important to have the same priest throughout. We hope you will not be
inconvenienced by the cancelation of this mass.

If you have a scheduled intention for noon masses, please contact Pattie, our secretary at the rectory as soon as possible to reschedule the masses.

 Fr. George

We are proud to unveil our new church logo as part of our Celebrating 100 Years celebration leading up to our anniversary in 2020! Our new logo is extremely important to us. It was developed to establish the brand identity of our Church and represents our proud history, tradition and association with each other. It’s a simple design that encompasses the most important aspects of St. Genevieve’s Church:

The Arch represents our Altar, foremost, and many of the architectural elements you see in the windows and other arches inside and outside our building.

The Cross replicates the cross that sits atop of our steeple as well as the cross that you find throughout the church embedded in some of our stained glass designs.

The Rays of Light represents each of you. Each and everyone of you are rays of light in sharing and
celebrating our faith, and are an integral part of our
Church community. In the coming weeks and months ahead, you will learn more about our efforts to celebrate our 100th Anniversary, as well as wearing it!

New Logo Unveiled
Morning of Healing:
For Perinatal Loss

The Offices of Family & Respect Life are offering a Morning of Healing to support families who have experienced the loss of a child due to miscarriage, still-birth or neo-natal death. We invite all parents, siblings, grandparents and others who are affected by the loss of a
baby, either recently or long ago. Agenda includes: Presentations on topics specific to perinatal loss, small group discussions, a memorial service, resources and fellowship. Lunch and refreshments provided. 

When: Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 8:30am to 12:30pm at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, 60 Byrd Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ Free of charge and babysitting is provided.

For more information call 973-497-4327 


Cub Scout Pack 23 would like to invite boys in the 1st through 5th grades to take part in an exciting annual event - the Pinewood Derby. Boys are given a kit that includes a block of wood, plastic wheels and axles. With help from a parent, they transform the block into a race car and then race it against their friends’ cars, down a 30foot long track. Trophies are presented to the winners.

We would like to invite all boys to join in the fun, even if they are not in Cub Scouts! The Pinewood Derby race will be held on Friday, February 23, in Saint Genevieve’s Church hall, at 7:00 p.m. Derby kits will be distributed in the church hall on Sunday, January 21, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., during a Pinewood Derby Workshop, or on Wednesday, January 24, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.. 

At the Workshop, the rules of the race will be handed out and explained. That will be followed by a workshop in which we’ll explain how to design and build a car. We’ll have tools and materials on hand for anyone who wants to build their car right there, up to the point of being able to
paint it.

Pinewood Derby car kits are free to Cub Scouts, and $5 for all other boys. Questions can be directed to Cub-master Dan Bernier at 908-451-1948.


Boy Scout Troop 23 wants to promote the fun of reading. On Sunday morning, January 21, it will give away, at no cost, 700 books to any and all parishioners who would like them. The Big Book Giveaway will take place in the St. Genevieve’s Church Hall after the 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00 Masses. Come down and pick out one or more books to enjoy!

The available books include children’s books (Scholastic, Dr. Seuss, Nick, Curious George, Golden Books, chapter and I Can Read books); paperback and hardcover stories for children and teens; science, education, craft, and religious books; and novels (John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark) and other books for adults.


Boy Scout Troop 23 will be selling some of its excess camping gear on Sunday morning, January 21, in the Church Hall after the 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00 Masses. The equipment is all seasoned but still serviceable, and will be available at very low prices. It includes tents, water jugs, lanterns and cooking gear. Summer will be here before you know it grab a tent for your kids or grand-kids to use in the backyard or for your family to use on vacation.