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The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization for Catholic men. All men of the parish are invited to join. For information please contact : Council 253 at (908) 355-2253 or Chris at (908) 351-4444.

The communal experience of Mass is continued each week downstairs in the church hall at Café Genevieve. Please come down after the 9 and 10:30 Masses to enjoy coffee, tea or juice and a bagel, roll or pastry with your family, friends, and future friends. Children of all ages are invited to enjoy games, puzzles, coloring pages, craft projects and other activities during Café Genevieve in Karen’s Corner. These activities are provided after the 10:30 Mass until noon each week, and are supervised. Please join us!

Do you need firewood for your backyard chiminea, fireplace or wood-burning stove?. You can get well-seasoned split hardwood logs right here at St. Gen’s for half of what you pay in the supermarket. And at the same time, you will be supporting the camping program of Boy Scout Troop 23, including a campership fund that helps send financially-challenged Scouts to summer camp. Help yourself from Webby’s Wood Shed, located behind the Rectory near the garages that face Livingston Road. Follow the directions on the envelopes provided to make a donation. Thank you for your support!

Children’s Liturgy first Sunday of the month at 10:30 Mass. Children’s Liturgy of the Word third Sunday of the month 10:30 Mass. Please mark your calendars.​


Many are not aware that the Rosary is prayed publicly twice a week here in St. Genevieve’s Church.

Every Monday evening it is prayed at 6:30pm, immediately prior to the 7:00 Novena Mass.

Every Saturday morning it is prayed immediately following the 8:00 a.m. Mass.

All are welcome to attend and to offer this powerful prayer to Jesus through the intercession of His Blessed Mother.
Dear Parishioners,

Each year, the people of God called to be the Archdiocese of Newark are given the opportunity to participate directly in the ongoing mission of the Church. This mission includes: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the needy, healing the sick, educating the young, and the training of new priests.

Each of us has an important part to play in this vital mission, because, as faithful members of the Church, we share in continuing the mission of Jesus Christ. The easiest, and best, way to participate in this mission is by our generous donations to the Annual Appeal. Next Sunday, January 23, we will again have the chance to do this as we conduct our in-pew weekend. Each year the in-pew part of the process results in the largest number of donors from each parish, and I hope that this year we can do the same.

With everything going on in the world right now, it would be very easy to think that we should not have to do this. However, it is precisely because of world events that the need this year is even greater than before. It is essential that the Church of the Archdiocese of Newark be able to respond to the dire needs of so man of our brothers and sisters.

Please come next weekend prepared to make your generous pledge to the Appeal. The faster we make our goal, the less we have to keep hearing about it. I thank you in advance for your care and concern and for helping to ensure that the Gospel continues to be preached and lived in our Archdiocese.

Fr. Armand

January 16 is National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. It was first proclaimed so in January 1984 by President Ronald Reagan and celebrated on the Sunday prior to January 22nd which is the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in the US. Churches continue to recognize the third Sunday in January as an opportunity to speak up for the rights of the unborn.

On Saturday, January 22, the Church in the United States observes the annual “Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.” This day is set aside to pray for the legal protection of human life and to do penance for the violations to human dignity through abortion and includes special Masses of the day.

The 49th Annual March-for-Life in Washington, DC, will be held on Friday, January 21 with the theme: Equality Begins in the Womb. As an outdoor event, there are no COVID restrictions affecting it; however buses from our Archdiocese are limited due to the ongoing cautions. Please Pray for all the marchers and for the unborn; follow The March live on EWTN TV or social media at March for Life.