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St. Genevieve's parish is committed to the formation of a Christ-centered Faith Community and offers a variety of Faith Formation Programs, including our Lenten Talk Series, Youth Ministry and Mens Prayer Group. You can learn about these and other Parish Ministries / Organizations on our Parish Life page. St. Genevieve's also has a vibrant grammar school, RCIA and catechetical program.

St. Genevieve's School
At St. Genevieve's School, the Gospel message is transmitted through example, a strong curriculum, relationships, an service, thereby creating a climate of respect in which good self-image breeds confidence and results in the ability to take risks.  The multi-dimensional needs of the students are recognized and provided for by a well-rounded program.  Christian values are presented with patience and enthusiasm in the belief that the students can and will assimilate these values.  A strong sense of patriotism is also instilled to serve as a catalyst for eliciting responsible citizenship rooted in peace and justice. Learn more about the school here.

Students who attend St. Genevieve's participate in art, music, physical education, Spanish, science and computer lab in addition to our core subject areas. Students are exposed to activities that support classroom instruction in our state-of-the-art Media Center which became a reality through the efforts of Edward Biggins, the Home School Association and our parents/guardians. We encourage parents/guardians who are considering St. Genevieve's School for their child/children to contact the school office for additional information and schedule a tour of our building. The office number is 908-355-3355.

St. Genevieve's Catechetical Program
St. Genevieve's also recognizes that many children of the parish attend public schools. Recognizing that these children also need to be formed in the faith, the parish provides a catechetical Program on Sunday mornings before the children attend Mass. Please register now. Call the Religious Education office for further details and registration. The phone number is 908-355-1584.

St. Genevieve's RCIA
Are you an adult (18 and over) who has not received the Sacrament of Confirmation and / or the Eucharist? Are you seeking to enter the Catholic Church from another denomination or to convert from another faith? Are you seeking Baptism (age 7 and over)? These Sacraments are celebrated through the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA). Candidates are formed in the faith as they prepare for the reception of the sacraments. Contact Rae through the Rectory at 908-351-4444. Thank you!

Faith Formation
200 MONMOUTH ROAD, ELIZABETH, NJ 07208   +  908-351-4444